Who we are & what we do

Kombucha Cafe is a specialty brewery and fermented food manufacturer in Murwillumbah, Northern NSW. We produce handcrafted Kombucha and a selection of premium-quality goods: fermented vegetables, raw fermented crackers, scoby fruit roll-ups and vegan cultured mousses.
We supply cafes, health food stores and supermarkets with our Food for Thought branded products, and festival goers with refreshing, on tap, herbal enhanced Kombucha. Festival goers and individuals from other catered events we work on also enjoy a full range of vegan, gluten free light meals, snacks and desserts.

Our products

    • Our signature range of Kombucha is fermented in aged oak wine barrels, packed full of nutrients and beneficial cultures, and taste great!
    • Selected ranges have added chia seeds, essential oil infusions and herbal medicine to enhance their health benefits and your enjoyment.
    • Our hand crafted fruit roll ups and vegan jerky are unique powerhouse snacks. Utilizing our nutritious Kombucha Culture (Scoby) .
    • Our fermented veggies are a local market leader.
    • Our fermented veggie crackers are a crunchy, raw and fun snack.
    • Our newest product, vegan mousse, is hand made with fermented cultures for a whole new level of Wow!


    We currently supply to select stores and cafes in the Northern Rivers region. If you are interested in stocking our lines, please contact us on 0435 063 352


    Our Story

    I caught the fermenting bug over 20 years ago when my own health took a turn for the worse. I was plagued by a kidney dysfunction since birth and over the years the medications wreaked havoc on my digestive system. I couldn’t eat without severe reactions to all food. Which really sucked because I LOVED to cook!
    I tried every alternative and conventional medical treatment, nothing helped. Then I picked up a book , Healing With Whole Foods, by Paul Pitchford, and read about saurkraut. Memories of this food flooded back, I loved it as a young child, my grandmother made it! I made My first batch of saurkraut in 1995 and have been happily fermenting ever since. Fermented food and drink was the missing link!
    As my health improved my mission became clear: to let everyone know how easy it is to maintain a vibrantly healthy body through good food! With no compromise on quality, flavour or enjoyment. A natural evolution occurred as my passion became evident. My connection to food and life took on a deeper meaning. The interconnectedness to myself and others, to the earth and all life came through in crystal like fashion. I started helping others through workshops, seminars, and private consultations. And my book, Every Day Vegan - 300 Recipes For Healthful Living was endorsed by the very man that inspired me.
    In 2012, I started going to our local Saturday morning Farmer’s Market. At that time I brought a few jars of saurkraut and a couple of bottles of kombucha to sell. This location along with various seasonal festivals and other markets, gave me the opportunity to meet all kinds of awesome people and begin to develop my products, in addition to creating lasting partnerships with nearby stores and cafes. Since then, we have steadily grown our business and expanded our product line to include items like our dreamy fermented dessert cups, tempeh, miso, cultured nut cheese and of course cultured vegetables and our extensive lines of chia and herbally enhanced kombucha.
    Along the way, my goal and greatest joy throughout this journey was many-fold. To conceive a business that everyone in my family can play a part in, to connect to our community face to face, building lasting and meaningful friendships and meet new friends, and dreaming with our customers about new ways to make seasonal ingredients shine.